Top 5 High Paying Best Niches For Adsense

Top 6 High Paying Best Niche To Make Money With Adsense

1. Health: Best Niche For Adsense

Health is one of the best niche for Adsnese. If you want to get CPC on ads click, health can easily do this task. There is no doubt in it that every person in the world wants good health & fitness. For it, they search on the web regarding the solution of their health problems. If your blog is giving that solution, Boom, your will get huge traffic & income.

As Health niche is very wide so you should pick a topic wisely. It can be nutrition, weight loss, eyes health, heart and many more. There are many website or blog which are dominating the health niche. These include WebMD, Mayoclinic and more

One of the key point about health niche is that you should not do blogging on it if don’t have proper knowledge. As it is related to people’s health. If you don’t have knowledge about health, you can hire writers which should be qualified in that area.

2. Insurance

If you want the answer of “What are high paying niche for Adsense? Insurance niche is the answer. Competition in insurance niche is very tough. So it is very difficult to get higher ranking in search engine. In this niche, you can even get CPC of more than $40.

If you have knowledge & interest in insurance then you should make blog on it. You can blog on auto insurance & life insurance. Both these are highly profitable.

3. Celebrities

You can also make a blog on celebrities. If you are thinking why I am telling you to make a blog on Celebrities? It’s because this niche have high number of searches on the web. Every one want to get the latest news about their favorite celebrities. So its sure that celebrity blog will get huge traffic.

I recommended you to make a blog on Hollywood Celebrities, if you are interested. It will let your blog to get more traffic from USA and Adsense earning will automatically increase.

4. Technology

Technology news & tutorials are highly consumed by readers these days. You know why? It’s because every new technology come in form of mobiles, laptops, science and more. People are very eager to get latest technology updates. Techcrunch is one of best technology blog and make huge income from Google’s online advertising program.

If you want to make a technology blog, you can choose the niche of tech guide (how to guides). In it, you can provide tutorials related to computer and mobile, which are highly searched.

5. Viral Content

Though “Viral Content” is not a niche but you can easily make huge Adsense income from it. Viral content are those which get a high amount of traffic in short time and highly shared on social media. In this niche, you will not get traffic from search engine but get high amount of traffic from social media like Facebook.

For this you have curate awesome & highly engage content which make readers to go share that on social media. These type of content includes trending YouTube videos, funny memes and more.


So these are the best niches for Adsense. If are interested & have knowledge, you can easily make good income by blogging on these niches. But you should never go for these blog niches just for the sake of more income. You have to be fully determined & knowledgeable about the topic. Otherwise you will lose interest in no time as these niches have tough competition.

One point should be clear, your main goal should always be to provide awesome content to your readers.

Do you know about any other niche which can result in high Adsense income? If yes, let me know about that below.

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