DHL ‘Package on the Way’ Malware Email

According to this email, which purports to be from delivery company DHL, you have a package on the way.

Supposedly, DHL sent you the notification at the request of Apple. It instructs you to click a link to validate the shipment’s transit status and access an invoice.

However, DHL did not send the email, and it has no connection to Apple. And, clicking the link does not open an invoice or transit document. 

Instead, clicking the link opens a compromised website that harbours malware.  The site prompts you to download a file that supposedly contains the package shipping information.

But, opening the file can install the malware on your computer. The purpose of the malware package may vary. It may attempt to steal sensitive information such as banking passwords from your computer. Or it may lock up your computer files and demand that you pay a fee via Bitcoin to receive the unlock key.

Criminals regular use fake package delivery notifications to trick people into installing malware. Alternative versions claim to be from FedEx, UPS, Australia Post, USPS, The Royal Mail,  and several other well-known courier companies.

If you receive such an email, do not click any links or open any attachments that it contains.

An example of the malware email:

DHL 'Package on the Way' Malware Email

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